Date Ideas for Couples

It’s the long Easter weekend! While we remember and celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, we should also remember the message of sacrifice and love behind it. And remember to integrate them into our daily lives.

Last week, hubby and I were having a discussion on how we spend our “quality time” together. He had been very busy lately with his work, and as a result we were spending less time together as a couple. Also, even when we had some time together, we had more or less gotten into a rut, doing the same things over and over again. Not good, I thought. So I went to look for some more ideas to give us a breath of fresh air. I found a few on the internet and I’m happy to share them with you guys!
So on that note, if you are blessed to have the whole Easter break to spend with your significant other, and you are struggling to think of what to do, here are some inexpensive date ideas for you.


Cook a low budget meal together. If you choose dishes and ingredients wisely, it costs a lot less than going out to dinner. In addition, the act of cooking together will add romance and creativity to the night.

Have a board game night at your home. Monopoly is always a favourite, or you can try a new one. The winner gets a “prize” that you predetermine.

Have a sensual evening. Soak in the bathtub, and take turns giving each other massages afterwards.

Put on a CD of your favourite music and dance in your living room. Or you can make your own compilations, choose a nice mix so that you can have a funky dance and well as a slow, romantic one.

Set up a scavenger hunt for your love around your house. Give them clues to where you have hidden a small gift for them.

Bake a huge chocolate chip cookie and put a romantic message on it with icing, like “I’m sweet on you” or “You’re my sweetie.” Then have fun eating your treat!

Have a dinner at home where all the food and decorations are the same color. That should get your creative and digestive juices going.

Read the Guinness Book of World Records together, and find something the two of you could potentially achieve as a couple.

Have a movie night in, challenging each other to bring a flick within the allotted theme of the night – such as worst movie of all time or the best classic you’ve never heard of. You could even go so far as to make a weekend out of it and create your own personal Oscars screening or private themed film festival.

Write a poem or compose a song together.

Gather some information on a skill you always wanted to learn and spend a day practicing it together. It could be a day of learning card tricks or learning how to juggle. Any skill you have always wanted to try can make a fun and interesting date.

Make life lists together. This activity is fun in and of itself but it lets you brainstorm ideas for future low-cost dates. You’ll get to know yourselves and each other better and you’ll get new ideas for things to do together in the months to come.


Take dancing lessons together. It could be salsa, swing dancing or any other, and it is a lot of fun. Frequently you can get a discount for couples. In addition, you learn something new together and have a new skill you can employ on future date nights!

The park is a great place for good dates. Alternatively, spend some time playing around on the playground for a nostalgic good time.

Go to an amusement park together or with a group of friends. It is exciting and you’ll really feel the rush of adrenaline.

Concerts are expensive but there are many small venues that have live music for free. Find the places in your area that offer this because it makes for a great low-cost date.

Spend a day together at the beach. It is a low-cost date and a good way to find out about the other person. You can snorkel and explore sea life, collect sea shells and driftwood, go for a swim, or have a rock skipping contest.

Coffee shops and bars around the nation host weekly open mic poetry nights that are fun to attend. Be a good date and write a love poem to read to the person that you’re taking to this event.

Get active. Exercise is good for your body and it gives you those good feelings. Go for activities like swimming, jogging, hiking, and cycling together.

Skip the big dinner out and just get dessert, coffee or ice cream and happy hour dates.

Go to the theatre and see a play. You can always get better seats if you ring up in advance and tell them it’s a first date, or even better, tell them you are on your honey moon.

Go ice-skating together. This is a great date idea, especially if you are both beginners.

If you both are avid readers, go to a book signing, attend a poetry or book reading together. Most of these events are free, and you’ll learn something new to discuss over coffee later.

Take a class together of any kind. E.g. cooking, painting, crafts, music, ceramics etc.

Take your camera and pretend you are professional photographers. Make a day out of taking photos together. Make a theme for the day if you want or just take any crazy photo that comes to mind. Once finished create a memory album together for the day that will live on forever.

Go bowling together. You don’t have to be good at bowling (or any sport) to have fun with your sweetheart doing it.

Go on a tour of a local industry. There are plenty of great tours to suit just about anyone, from wine and cheese tasting to chocolate making and of course, eating!

Go to a roof top or revolving restaurant. Eating outdoors always makes things more memorable, just remember to make a booking first.

If you know how to ride a motorbike, take your date for a ride somewhere scenic or at night time in the city.

Go to your local jazz club and relax. Everyone loves jazz.

Go to the zoo. Most zoo’s have nigh time exhibits or exhibits out of the norm for people to see.

Go canoeing and have a picnic lunch somewhere, by the waterfront or park. Find out what your date likes to eat and bring all their favourite foods.

Go window shopping in a trendy part of town, just don’t buy anything expensive!

Go for a bike ride (get a bike built for two for something special).

Go on a “progressive dinner” date (Starters at one place, dinner at another, and dessert at still another place.)

Go to Starbucks, grab a latte and have a conversation. Take a pack of cards with you for added fun. One of the best date ideas there is.

Dress up all fancy and go to a play, opera, symphony or just a nice place for dinner. Alternatively, you could go to a photo studio to have your pictures taken. Then you can choose the best prints.

Hope these ideas would get us excited about holidays and times that we spend together with our spouse. It’s important to remember to create time for each other to reconnect often, after the busyness and routines of our daily lives.

Have a wonderful Easter, try not to overdose on the hot cross buns and chocolate eggs!




  1. lovely list here…
    I like the one about staying in and the scavenger hunt…

    and as far as going out… i’m always up for dessert… I like the progressive dinner too… lots of fab ideas really

    have a happy easter!

  2. I really thought I was firsttttt!!!!!! but wow what a longggggggg read!! back to read

  3. that massage thing? *coughs* If you are tired u really dont want a guy to give u a massage! you know where that would go *rolls eyes* but thanks for sharing… I would keep these till I have a man LMAO lol happy easter!

  4. What a great list! I’ll definitely keep it in mind for when the time is right. 😉

    Happy Easter to you and your hubby, FG.

  5. good one, I planned on doing lots of cooking this Easter such that we will have lots and lots to eat and also playing stay in and play scrabble its a game we both love. happy Easter.

  6. niiiiiiice…great list with lots of fun ideas…also ties in very well with my post on creating time for your loved 1…

  7. i likeeee

  8. I really like this post.

    Especially the one about Salsa dancing lessons. Hope to use these skills when the time comes…

    Keep it up girl.

  9. Lovess the ideas.

  10. I will be incorporating some of these, thanks

  11. I will be incorporating some of these, thanks

  12. Pretending to be professional photographers is my favorite of the bunch. I’ve already asked God to give me someone who doesn’t mind being the constant object of my photography. Lol.

  13. Playing scrabble is fantastic..

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